The Advances Tab

The Advances tab is the first page you'll see each time you login to Fundbox.  There's a lot to see here, so we'll go step by step. 

Invoices Tab

1. Here is where you can see your business name, add a profile picture and see how recently your dashboard was updated.  There is also a drop-down menu with several options - this is where you can view your loan agreement.

2. Our customer support number is located on the top of the page, so you always know how to reach us. You can also submit a question through the support widget on the bottom right corner. 

3. The credit marker shows you how much Fundbox Credit you have available at any given time. 

4. The Invoices Tab lets you know how many invoices you have available to request an advance on. 

5. Don't see an invoice you're looking for right away?  You can search or sort the availability to alter the view

6. Each row shows the invoice number and name as it appears in your bookkeeping app, the issued/ due dates, and the invoice value. 

7. Click on Clear this Invoice to view more details about the advance before you confirm. 

Clearing Pane


When you click on Clear this Invoice, the 'clearing pane' reveals the details of the advance. Here's where you can select your repayment plan, see when the funds will arrive in your bank account, the weekly fee and the total repayment amount. Like what you see? Just click Confirm to submit your request.  

In Repayment Tab

Next to the invoices tab, you can see the In Repayment tab.  This is a register of all of your active advances. Here, you can see which invoices you've already cleared, how much is still outstanding, and how many repayments you still have left. This is also where you can select to Repay Early and save on fees! 

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