Can I disconnect my bank account?

One of the ways we assess whether we can extend credit to your business is by analyzing the transactional data in your bank account. Even if your business is not approved for funding after the first assessment, your bank account remains connected to Fundbox. We maintain the connection because we may periodically review your account and notify you if you become eligible for Fundbox Credit™ in the future.

If your business was not approved, and you do not wish to be reviewed for eligibility later, you can click here to disconnect your bank account.

If your business is approved for Fundbox Credit™, we require an active connection to your business checking account so we can make sure your business has access to the optimal credit limit. If you wish to disconnect your bank account, you may do so by contacting Fundbox Support. Please note, however, that by doing so you will have to repay any outstanding balance in full and close your Fundbox account.

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