Should I apply with my business checking account or my accounting software? Are there other options?

We offer two services, a revolving line of credit and net terms on business purchases. The application and approval processes and terms are different for each. 


If you are applying for a revolving credit line

You can use your credit report and either your business checking account or accounting software.


If you are applying to use Fundbox to make business purchases with net terms

You can use your business checking account, bank statements, or credit report.

Please note that if you use your credit report, we will only do a soft inquiry for initial assessment—this will not affect your credit score. We will only do a hard inquiry when you actually use your Fundbox credit for the first time.


For both services

The information you apply with will be used to determine your credit eligibility. So we recommend that you choose whichever source best reflects your business’s performance. 

If you are approved for credit, you may be able to add additional data to be included in future reviews of your credit limit.

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