Will my credit limit change over time?

Your Fundbox Credit™ limit and fees could change over time. We review all approved and active accounts periodically to make sure that each business is receiving the maximum amount of Fundbox Credit for which it is eligible. 

We look at a number of different factors during these credit reviews to determine your Fundbox Credit amount and fee rate.

Two of the most important factors are:

1. Your Fundbox payment history. Paying on time is important. Late payments incur fees and can hurt your credit limit and fee pricing. We automatically deduct payments from your account each Wednesday, so make sure there are sufficient funds available.

2. Your bank transactions. Transactional data, such as account balance and the volume of credits and debits in your bank account, give us insight into your business.

3. The additional data you add to your Fundbox account. Adding additional types of data is optional. You decide which types of data best reflect your business performance. Add them to your account and you may qualify for more credit.  We may review any data you add during future credit reviews.

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