How are repayments made?

For each draw, the repayment is made up of the drawn amount and a simple fee.

All transactions are fully automated so all you need to do is make sure there are sufficient funds in your bank account when we debit it to avoid any overdraft charges or late fees.

Payments are made on a weekly basis. The repayment period is spread over twelve weeks, starting between eight and thirteen days after you draw funds.

As soon as you draw funds, we'll send you an email with your repayment plan. Please note that in the email, the dates of the debits are the earliest possible, and in some cases it may take an extra few days before your account is actually debited.

If at any point during the repayment period you wish to repay the amount due early, we will waive all the fees for the remaining period. So you only ever pay for the time you used our service.

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