CashBack Rewards Terms & Conditions

CashBack Rewards is a way for you to earn a discount on future fees.

Here’s how it works:

With CashBack, each time you make a payment toward an advance, you get a percentage of your weekly fee back. The next time you draw funds, the CashBack balance you’ve accumulated is automatically applied as a discount on the fee for that draw. Once you start repaying that draw, you’ll earn cashback again to use on future draws

Additional Terms & Conditions:

  •      The CashBack Rewards program will be available to eligible customers through December 31, 2018. At which time, we may extend the program.
  •      The percentage of CashBack you are eligible for is clearly displayed in your Fundbox dashboard, under CashBack Rewards.
  •      You only earn CashBack for successful payments on your original payment plan.
  •      CashBack is not earned when a payment is missed, when you’re on a custom repayment plan, or on unpaid fees due to a promotional discount or early repayment.
  •      The CashBack you earn on fees paid does not expire and can only be used toward fees on future draws.
  •      Any expiring bonus or promotional discounts you may receive are added to your CashBack balance to be redeemed by the expiration date. To redeem expiring promotions, you must draw funds within the timeframe provided with the promotion.
  •      If you close your Fundbox account, any unused CashBack balance will be revoked.
  •      Fundbox reserves the right to cancel the CashBack rewards program, to make changes to the CashBack percentage being awarded, and to revoke any unused CashBack balance at any time. If we decide to take any of these measures, we will notify you accordingly.  

Now that you know all about CashBack Rewards, go ahead and draw funds to start earning CashBack and see the savings start adding up.

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