Supported Bookkeeping Applications

What is a bookkeeping application?

Small business owners know that keeping the books can be complicated. Bookkeeping applications provide you with all the tools you need to make invoicing, payroll, inventory, and billing an easy and efficient task. We partner with some of the largest accounting software companies to ensure our service can be provided to a wide range of users. 

Why do I need one?

Connecting your bookkeeping application allows us to quickly assess your business health and allows you to clear your outstanding invoices without having to go through a tedious approval process or be limited by office hours.

Which bookkeeping applications does Fundbox support?

We're proud to support Freshbooks, Clio, Xero, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks OnlineHarvest, InvoiceASAPJobber and Sage One. Our team is adding support to more apps all the time. If your bookkeeping app is not yet supported, you can tell us about it by adding it to our list and we'll let you know once we integrate with your app.

How do I connect my bookkeeping app to Fundbox?

How can I switch bookkeeping apps or accounts?

If you want to switch the bookkeeping application that you have connected with Fundbox OR if you want to switch the company/business data from the same bookkeeping app, there are just a few steps you'll need to follow.

  1. Contact our support team at and let us know that you want to switch your bookkeeping account.
  2. We'll put your current bookkeeping account "on hold" and free your Fundbox account for connecting a new account/company/business instead.
  3. You'll log into Fundbox, as usual, and connect the new bookkeeping account. Our automated system will review your new data and, in about an hour, you'll be reconnected!

I don't use a bookkeeping application just yet.

Fundbox is available to small businesses using one of our partnered bookkeeping apps for at least several consecutive months. Thinking about switching to online bookkeeping? Read this overview from the Fundbox blog.

Switching to Online Accounting Software – Why and How


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