How long does it take to transmit funds?

Crediting your Bank Account (Drawing Funds)

Fundbox processes credit transactions once a day, using the ACH system.
To receive the funds as soon as the next business day, be sure to draw before noon PST, Monday—Thursday.

If you draw funds after this cutoff, on weekends, or near banking holidays, we'll only process the transaction on the next business day, so it could take a few extra days before you receive the credit.

Debiting your Bank Account (Making Payments)

Fundbox automatically debits the weekly scheduled repayments, every Wednesday via ACH, from the bank account where we sent the funds. It takes about 3 business days for banks to verify transactions, so you'll see the repaid amount replenished in your available Fundbox Credit on the Monday following each repayment. Please note that it could take a few extra days for the funds to be available again, depending on state or federal holidays. 


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