Troubleshooting bank connections and routing numbers

Fundbox works exclusively with business checking accounts. Most customers will connect their bank account when they clear their first invoice. You simply follow the steps and we’ll handle everything behind the scenes. Here’s what it looks like:


After You locate your bank from the list, just use your usual bank login credentials and we’ll make the connection. Don’t worry: we do not store your bank login credentials!


You will need to take some additional steps if 1) we couldn’t connect to your bank on the first try, or 2) if we can’t locate your bank using the typical steps.

  1. Bank didn’t connect on the first try.

You will need to connect using a routing number if you followed the steps during your first cleared invoice but we can’t make the behind-the-scenes connect as usual. If this happens, don’t worry. You can still connect, we just need a few pieces of information, such as the name on the business checking account, the account number, and the routing number for that account. See the screen shot below for what this step looks like. If you need help finding the routing number, skip to the section titled “Help finding my routing number” below.


  1. We can’t find your bank.

There are a few smaller banks that might not appear in our pre-populated list. If you use one of these banks, don’t worry, you can still connect to Fundbox. You’ll know we couldn’t find your bank if you see a note on the screen that says “We couldn’t find any bank called…” The screen will look like the one below. Just click on the “click here” link and follow the steps to connect your bank.


To enter your bank account details, just follow the steps outlined in the screen shot below. You will need a few pieces of information, such as the name on the account, the account number, and the routing number. If you need help finding your routing number, skip to the section titled “Help finding my routing number” below.


Help finding my routing number

Every bank account has a bank routing number and a specific bank account number. (This can be a bit confusing as there can be several routing numbers associated with the same bank account.) The automated payments system, (that makes Fundbox so easy to use), utilizes the ACH network for communicating transactions. It's just like sending a check through the internet. That's why Fundbox accepts routing numbers that are used for CHECKING transactions. Your bank account likely has two or more routing numbers for different purposes. Please make sure to provide our system with the CHECKING routing number.


What if I still can’t connect to my bank?

Our system is NOT compatible with these banks: Bluebird, Green Dot, American Express Centurion Bank, Payoneer. If you're banking with one of these institutions, then you'll need to provide us with an account from a different bank.

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