What happens if I miss a payment? What is the Missed Payments Policy?

Our missed payment terms have been updated as of September 1, 2018.


If you miss a payment, you’ll be notified via email. To get back on track, resolve the missed payment with a credit or debit card as soon as possible—either directly on your dashboard or by calling (855) 908-3533.

Each time a payment is missed, it is moved to the end of your repayment schedule and considered an additional week on your payment plan. The weekly interest for this additional week will be appended to your repayment, as well as late payment interest, on top of the original interest owed.   


Late payment interest is made up of 2 parts:

  1. A late payment penalty equal to $1 per active advance/draw
  2. An ACH missed payment reimbursement fee (NSF fee equal to $6 total)


For example, say your regular weekly interest is $10, your weekly payment consists of two active advances/draws and you missed a payment. The missed payment would be moved to the end of your repayment schedule and look like this:

   Weekly principal

+ $10 (original weekly interest for the week missed)

+ $10 (weekly interest for the additional week)

+ $2 ($1 late payment interest per active advance/draw)

+ $6 (flat $6 NSF fee) for the ACH missed payment reimbursement fee



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