The Payments Tab

The payments tab will be your go-to for information about your upcoming and historical payments to Fundbox.

The payments tab has three headers, each one featuring different functionality.


This tab shows you all future payments you need to make to Fundbox to repay any advances you’ve received from us. There’s a line graph at the top that visually shows you how much you owe each week. Further down the page you can click on any row within the payments tab to get a breakdown of that week’s payment–you’ll see which advances you’re paying back that week and how many payments you’ve made on each one. Plus we break out the invoice amount from the fees for full transparency.  



The History tab shows you all of the historical payments you’ve made to Fundbox. For each payment, we’ll show you the particular advance(s) that were repaid, and break out the invoice amount from the fees so you can see where your money went. 



If you work with an accountant or bookkeeper, or if you like to keep detailed records yourself, we offer customizable reports. You can run three different reports: transaction history, monthly statements, and balance statements. Transaction history reports allow you to run a report over any period of time you choose. Monthly statements show you all transactions within a calendar month, but are limited to a calendar month. Balance statements show you the amount you owed Fundbox on a particular day. 


The payments tab will automatically update every time you draw funds or repay an advance in full–you won’t need to wait for an email update. You’ll also see how your payments affect your Fundbox credit, so you’ll have a better sense of when to draw funds again.

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