I have more than one business with a Fundbox line of credit. How do I connect my Quickbooks Desktop to both?

We offer two services, a revolving line of credit and net terms on business purchases. This information applies to the revolving line of credit service.


If you have more than one approved business on Fundbox:

1. Log in to your second Fundbox account, click Get Fundbox Sync Manager Now! Then, select I already installed Fundbox Sync Manager. If you do not see this message, please contact us at support@fundbox.com.


Important: Open QuickBooks Desktop to the company file you have not connected to Fundbox yet.

2. Open Fundbox Sync Manager from the system tray by right clicking on the Fundbox icon and then clicking Configure 


3. Click Edit, highlight the Token text, right click and select Copy. Then return to Fundbox, click Ok, I did this, paste your token into the text field and click Next.


4. From the Sync Manager drop-down menu, choose the blank company profile. Click Connect, then, make sure Yes, always allow access is selected in QuickBooks, and We'll begin adding your QuickBooks invoices to Fundbox. 


All done! You can keep working while we add your invoices, just make sure your QuickBooks stays open to the company file we're syncing with. We'll send you an email when we're done. 




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