How can I repay early?

At any point during your repayment plan you can choose to repay the remaining balance of your advance. If you choose to repay early, the remaining advance amount and the regularly scheduled weekly fee will be scheduled to debit from your account on the next Wednesday. We’ll waive all future fees for the remaining period, so you only pay for the time you’re using the funds.


How to schedule an early repayment?

  1. Login to your Fundbox dashboard and go to the "In Repayments" tab.
  2. Find the specific advance that you'd like to repay early. Now click on the green "Repay Early" button.
  3. A sidebar will show you the transaction details and how much you will save in fees.  To confirm, click Repay Early and the remainder of the advance will be repaid with next Wednesday's debit.

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