The Invite Tab

The Invite tab makes it even easier for you to share the Fundbox experience with other small business owners. For each new business you invite that starts using Fundbox, we'll credit your account $100 toward your fees. The business you refer will also be able get a credit worth $100 toward their Fundbox fees.

You can either:  (1) enter a friend’s business email and we’ll send them a note that you invited them to check out Fundbox. (2)  Copy your unique referral link to share Fundbox with your social networks or directly with your friends. Or... 

(3) Invite your contacts from your accounting software. Your friend will receive an email inviting them to check out Fundbox.

Easily manage your invites and see how much you’ll save on future fees.

If you refer a friend, and they are approved for Fundbox Credit, you’ll receive an email letting you know that you can get up to $100 off of your fees. It’s that easy!

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