QuickBooks Desktop Hosted Solutions

Fundbox is a cash flow management service for small business owners and freelancers and we are proud to partner with QuickBooks Desktop hosted solution providers.

After a quick signup process, you'll be able to draw funds and receive advances directly into your business’ bank account.

1. Create your Fundbox account

Creating your free Fundbox account is simple and takes less than a minute. Head over to our Sign up Page, enter your work email address and choose a password. That's it, your account is set!

2. Add your invoices by connecting your QuickBooks to Fundbox

In your Fundbox dashboard, click on Add Your Invoices, choose QuickBooks, then, I use QuickBooks on my PC. You'll be prompted to enter your Intuit User ID & Password and choose the correct Company File. If you don’t have an Intuit account (or you’re not sure) then click here to find out and create one.

You will have to download and set up the Fundbox Sync Manager to complete your QuickBooks connection.

As soon as that's done, we'll pull in your data and process your outstanding invoices. This usually takes about 24 hours but can take longer. We'll send you an email to let you know when we're done.

3. Get Paid!

Once your account is approved, you can draw and have the funds quickly transferred to your bank account. Just find an invoice that you want to get an advance on, and click on "Draw Funds"

How much does it cost?

Fundbox has no setup fees and no subscription fees, only a simple fee added to your repayment amount. Fee rates vary starting at 4.66% of the invoice value.

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Technical Support

Please contact your QuickBooks Desktop Hosted Support Team: hostinginfo@intuit.com

Web: Right Networks Support Center
Phone: (603)324-0452

Web: Swizznet Support Center
Phone: 1(888)794-9948 

Web: Cloud9 Support Center
Phone: 1-888-869-0076

Any other questions? Feel free to write to us at yourfriends@fundbox.com

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