How to connect QuickBooks Desktop to Fundbox

Go to Fundbox and create a free account, then in the connection menu, select QuickBooks, then click I use QuickBooks on my PC, and input your Intuit credentials. Note: only QuickBooks 2009 and newer are supported. 



To connect, you'll need to setup the Fundbox Sync Manager - the tool that allows us to fetch your invoices from QuickBooks so you can get advances from Fundbox - in a browser tutorial.  In step 2 of the tutorial, you'll be prompted to download the installer and run the setup wizard. Then click Finish to launch Fundbox Sync Manager. When you're done, go back to Fundbox for step 3. 


In step 3, click Copy, then Ok, token copied, paste the code in the 'Token' text field in the Fundbox Sync Manager and click Save. Then, come back to Fundbox and click Ok, token pasted.


Make sure your QuickBooks is open to the company file you want to add invoices from, go to the Fundbox Sync Manager, select the Accounting tab and click Connect.


*IMPORTANT: A window will pop up in your QuickBooks, make sure "Yes, always allow access' is selected to proceed.


Once the Fundbox Sync Manager is connected, head back to the tutorial in your browser and add your business verification details. 


That's it! Now the automated assessment process begins. Please be patient, as it may take a few hours. Don't worry, you can keep working while we add your invoices in the background, just be sure to keep your computer on and the syncing company file open in your QuickBooks.  We'll contact you as soon as the assessment is completed. 



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