How do I apply with Quickbooks Desktop?

We offer two services, a revolving line of credit and net terms on business purchases. This information applies to the revolving line of credit service.


1. Go to and fill out some basic info about your business.

2. Then, when asked to choose a data source, select QuickBooks.



3. Click on "I use QuickBooks on my PC".



4. Next, you need to set up your Fundbox Sync Manager. Click "Get Started" and follow the instructions.


5. When you get to the "Copy your token" page, click "Copy". 

6. Paste the code in the Token field in your Fundbox Sync Manager and click "Save"

7. Then, come back to Fundbox and click "OK, token copied".



Make sure your QuickBooks is open to the company file you want to add invoices from, go to the Fundbox Sync Manager, select the Accounting tab and click "Connect.


Note: A window will pop up in your QuickBooks, make sure "Yes, always allow access" is selected.


8. Once your Fundbox Sync Manager is connected, head back to the tutorial in your browser and add your business verification details. 


That's it! Now the automated assessment process begins. Please be patient, as it may take a few hours. Don't worry, you can keep working while we add your invoices in the background, just be sure to keep your computer on and the syncing company file open in your QuickBooks.  We'll contact you as soon as your credit decision is ready. 



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