How do I sync my QuickBooks Desktop with Fundbox?

First, make sure your Fundbox Sync Manager is downloaded and up to date. The current version is v.16.0.818.0. Download or Update Your Fundbox Sync Manager

Next, make sure your Fundbox Sync Manager is running. To do this, open the program, right click on the icon, then click on "Configure".                     

If your Fundbox Sync Manager is up to date and running, but you're still not syncing, it may be because your QuickBooks Desktop isn't open. In your Sync Manager, you want to see a green check mark on both the Fundbox and Accounting tabs.

If there is a red X on the Accounting tab, click "Connect". 

If there is a red X on the Fundbox tab, check that the token field is filled in and saved. Under the token field, you should see  "Status: Connected". If this is not the case, you can contact us for help at (855) 572-7707.

You can right click the Fundbox icon in your task tray to check whether your sync is now in progress. If the sync is working, the Exit (sync in progress) option will be gray.

If you've taken these steps and your QuickBooks Desktop is still not synced with your Fundbox account, please give us a call at (855) 572-7707, Monday–Friday from 8am–8pm EST.

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