Can my credit limit and fee rate change over time?

Yes. Periodically we reassess your credit limit. As you grow your business, we may be able to increase that amount. Decreases are also possible. Your fee rate may also change over time. Below is some important information about maintaining access to Fundbox Credit and how you can optimize your terms.


Pay on Time

Weekly payments are debited every Wednesday at 10:00 AM PST, starting no less than 8 days after you draw funds. Make sure you have enough funds in your account to cover the debit. If you think you’re not going to be able to cover a payment, let us know before Wednesday at 9:00 AM PST and we may be able to help.


Update and Sync Your Data Sources

Make sure that your data sources are up to date and synced. It’s important that we see your most recent transactions. If you have connected accounting software, we recommend that you update invoices in real time and don’t collect them over time to eventually enter all at once. We’ll send you an email if your account looks out of sync.


Add More Data Sources

The more we know about your business, the better we can help. If you haven’t already, you may be able to connect additional data sources in the Manage Credit section of your Dashboard.

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