Do I have the option to add my bank account information to be used in reassessments?

Yes! If your accounting software remains connected to  Fundbox and you provide permission to review your banking information, that information may be used during future credit reviews.  Please note, the bank account you choose to connect for reassessments will also be used for debiting and crediting purposes. You may also only connect one bank account.

How will I know if my bank account is disconnected?

If you have given permission for your bank account data to be used in future reassessments and you become disconnected,  you will receive an email letting you know with instructions on how to reconnect.

What happens if my bank becomes disconnected?

If your bank account becomes disconnected for any reason, your most recent bank account data will still be used in upcoming reassessments.  However, if your banking information has been disconnected for more than 30 days, it will no longer be used in the credit review.

If my bank is disconnected, will debits and credits still occur?

If the banking information becomes disconnected, we will still be able to debit your weekly payment and you will still have the ability to draw funds.

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