How can I get my customers on Fundbox?

We offer two services, a revolving line of credit and net terms on business purchases. This article applies to the net terms service.


We have a lot of ideas of how you can let your customers know that they can get net terms with you through Fundbox. You can use the ideas below or reach out to us for more info and to see how we can help at or (855) 929-0805 or Monday–Friday, 8am to 8pm EST.


Send an email campaign
Send emails to your customer list, letting them know that you now offer net terms
with Fundbox. Try sending three emails over two to three weeks, encouraging
buyers to sign up. For new customers, include a link to sign up for Fundbox in the first
“welcome” email you send them.
For existing or long-term customers, remind them that Fundbox is an option by adding
a note about net terms to all of your regular email campaigns.
Promote net terms in all your marketing email campaigns
Whether you’re running a special promotion or sending your monthly newsletter, it
always helps to reiterate that you offer net terms to approved customers. You can
strategically place a graphic or copy promoting Fundbox in your email.
Add Fundbox to your email signature
You’ve probably got your name, phone number, and websit your email
signature already. Consider adding a link to your Fundbox signup
landing page there, too.
Feature Fundbox on your website
Make it clear to your buyers that you accept Fundbox and offer net terms.
Add the Fundbox logo to your website.
If you use Zoey, OroCommerce or another platform that we’ve integrated with,
feature it prominently in your checkout flow, so customers know it’s an option.
Use social media
If you’re active on social media, that’s the perfect place to announce your new
financing program. Depending on which social networks you use, Instagram, LinkedIn,
Twitter, and Facebook are all good places to periodically mention that you offer net
terms with Fundbox, and link to your customized webpage.
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