How can my customers apply to get net terms?

We offer two services, a revolving line of credit and net terms on business purchases. This article applies to the net terms service.


Your customers can apply for net terms from Fundbox, on business purchases they make from you, at or from your customized webpage.

We recommend that your customers apply only after having been in business for at least 2-3 months. And they should have at least $25,000 in annual revenue, but they can still apply if they have a little less.

They'll need a business checking account for us to debit payments. And they'll need to provide some basic info about their business, and connect either their business checking account, bank statements, or credit report.

We cannot guarantee that they will be approved if they meet these criteria, but they are good general indicators about eligibility for Fundbox credit.

Once they submit their application, we can assess your customers for net terms in just minutes.

If approved, they can start making business purchases from you with net terms right away!


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