How do I apply to get free net terms, using my credit report data for my application?

Depending on the terms you’re applying for, you may need to add a data source. These are usually accounts with extended financing. In that case, you can choose your credit report if you’d like. For your initial assessment, we will only do a soft pull and your credit score will not be affected at all. We will only do a hard pull the first time you use Fundbox to make a purchase.

Other applicants may be able to complete their application without connecting a data source and may be able to add this information later on if they’d like. These are generally accounts with net terms but no extended financing. (If you're not sure which application is relevant for you, you can reach out at


  1. Get started by providing a few basic details about your business at
  2. Next, we’ll ask for some additional details about your business—you can choose to use your credit report in your assessment.

To make a decision, we will do a soft pull which does not affect your credit score. We will only do a hard pull when you make a purchase through Fundbox for the first time. We may do additional soft pulls in future credit reviews, but these will not affect your credit score either.


  1. Your data will be reviewed and you can get a decision quickly! If for any reason it’s taking longer than usual to assess your data, you won’t need to wait around. We’ll let you know right away that we need a little extra time to process your application and we’ll send you an email when your decision is ready.

How do I apply to Fundbox?

Will applying with my credit report affect my credit score (FICO)?

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