How do I disconnect my QuickBooks Online from Fundbox?

1. Log in to QuickBooks Online using your Intuit credentials.



2. Navigate to the QuickBooks Online Home Page.


3. Copy and paste this link into your browser's address bar: This will take you to your apps. 

Note: If you have multiple QuickBooks Online companies set up, make sure you're accessing the specific company you connected to Fundbox.


4. In the app center, find the Fundbox app. Then, click Disconnect.


5. A box will pop up asking if you are sure you want to disconnect. Click Yes to complete the disconnect process or click No if you no longer wish to disconnect from Fundbox.


6. A confirmation box will popup. This pop-up box indicates that you have completed the disconnect process. Click Next to close the popup box.


If you ever want to reconnect your QuickBooks account, simply log in to your Fundbox dashboard and click the QuickBooks button.


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