Why is my bank account disconnected?

We use a third party vendor to connect to your business checking account and to receive data about your ongoing business transactions. It’s important that we continuously have a connection to your business data so that we can determine the optimal amount of credit for your business.

If our third party vendor is unable to maintain a connection from your business checking account, then your bank account will disconnect automatically from Fundbox.

If your bank account is disconnected from Fundbox, your dashboard will be disabled until you reconnect. We understand you’re running a business, so we’ll always give you 30 days to reconnect your bank account before disabling your account.


What caused the disconnection? 

The most common reasons for bank disconnections are:

  1. Password change on your online account
  2. MFA/security questions on your bank account 

If your bank account disconnects from Fundbox due to a password change or MFA, you should see the option to reconnect in  your dashboard. When you select ‘Reconnect’, we will prompt you to re-enter your bank username and password. If your password changed, simply enter your new password and you should be ready to go! 

Your bank account may also disconnect due to an update required by your bank. Some examples of required updates are:   

  1. Your bank account is locked from too many login attempts. 
  2. Your password has expired and needs to be renewed.
  3. Accepting new terms and conditions
  4. Verifying personal information
  5. Your bank is requiring you to view a new promotion

If your bank is disconnected and you see a message to “Contact Support,” it could be for one of the reasons above, however, there are other reasons that could have caused the disconnection. Since we use a third party vendor to access to your account, there may also be a technical error on their end with the connection.  

To find out the exact reason for disconnection with instructions on how to fix it, please reach out to support@fundbox.com and we will happily work with you to get your bank reconnected.


What will happen if my bank account stays disconnected? 

If your bank account stays disconnected, you will not be able to draw funds, but your weekly payments will process as usual. Additionally, your Fundbox account will not be considered for future credit reviews to potentially adjust your credit limit.

If you tried to reconnect your bank account and are running into trouble, please contact support@fundbox.com or give us a call at 855-572-7707 and we’ll be happy to troubleshoot with you!


If my account is disconnected, why can my payments still process regularly?

The bank connection with our third party is based on your user name and password of your online bank account.

However, your payments process from the account number and routing number that you manually submitted during your first connection and therefore does not relate to the disconnection from the third party.

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