How do I connect my bank account?

You’ll need to connect a business checking account where we can send funds when you draw, and to debit funds from when it comes time to make payments. If you agree, transactional info from your account may also be included in reviews of your credit limit.

If you connected a business checking account during your application process, there is no need to connect it again after you’ve been approved. If it becomes disconnected for any reason, we’ll let you know and help you get it reconnected.

If you did not connect it while you were applying, you can connect it later.


Before your first draw

  1. Click “Review and Daw” to draw funds.
  2. A side pane will open up where you can search for your bank.
  3. Log in — don’t worry, we do not have access to your credentials.
  4. Select the account you’d like us to use. Remember, it needs to be a business checking account.
  5. Complete the draw.


Data Sources area of your dashboard

  1. Go to the Data Sources tab of your dashboard
  2. Click on the “Bank Account” card
  3. Follow the instructions


Voided check

If all else fails, you can email us an image of a voided check for the account you would like us to start using.

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